Singer Amin Sipan's concert in Algiers has been canceled

Incidents related to concerts continue in Algeria. Then Sparked controversy The imam, who wants to stop a concert in Bouira, has to cancel Amine Chibane’s concert.

This Thursday, April 21, the artist will perform at Alpha-Tango in Cherokee, west of Algiers. But was canceled at the last minute in the evening.

The singer, who was known for his strong ideas through his songs and his performance during Hirak, had to cancel his concert which was expected by the public and by him. He shared his frustration on Facebook, explaining the reasons.

“During the sound check (rehearsal), the concert was canceled tonight at the last minute after being visited by plainclothes agents,” he reveals. No reasons were given for the cancellation. “My frustration is immeasurable …” says the artist.

Amin Siban regrets the incident, especially since it was his first concert after a gap of several years.

“I apologize to my audience for being as impatient as me to taste the stage again,” the artist laments.

Supportive public

Naturally, the public was outraged to see what had happened and expressed their solidarity, but also shared the artist’s disappointment.

“Your disappointment is shared by all your fans and friends and those who love the definitive song, my whole similarity is Amin,” wrote one user, where Siben announced the cancellation of his concert. “All my unity is only an adjournment,” another comforts him.

“It’s nothing (my son, teacher’s note), your audience loves you and supports you. Your whole life is ahead of you to do great things. You are young and talented, ”reassures her, meanwhile, artist Hasiba Amrooch.

The similarity that emerges from the singer’s audience, his colleagues and friends, comforts him and encourages him not to turn off his voice.

Singer Amel Jen, known for her dedication during Hirak, expressed her anger and solidarity with Amin Siben. “Angered by what has just happened … banning Amin Sibane means banning all artists, art shows, art and culture,” he wrote on his Facebook page.

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