Why is fear so effective?

Actor and musician Pierre-Luc Brillant, 44, will be the PQ candidate in Rosemont.

Friday, make a difference in our categoryHe explained his decision to plunge into the political arena to advance the cause of independence.

His appeal, in its sincerity, its idealism, its breadth of vision, appeals to what is best in the people of Quebec.


Many readers praised and encouraged him, but I am mainly interested in the negative comments.

I am interested in them because they brilliantly represent a common way of thinking.

Read them and you’ll understand where I’m coming from.

Mr. Opponents of Brillant’s position do not overstate Canada’s merits.

Instead, they insisted, the independence plan would expire and we would lose this or that federal grant that we couldn’t get without Ottawa.

All of these have perfectly sensible answers.

Do already independent countries feel that their own independence is now over?

Given the fact that Quebec has less wealth than the Canadian average, would membership in the federation be so beneficial?

Aren’t there many small, prosperous countries on the planet?

However, it’s the same old story for decades: can’t, can’t, can’t…

This masochistic disparagement of our abilities has proven undeniably useful.

How to explain its enduring success?

No one better explains it than Camille Laurin:

“Destiny, he said, was that Quebecer should be born and grow up under the sign of obscurity and obscurity, which makes him a confused, tormented person, divided against him, incapable of integrating the elements of his rich personality, of harmonizing his aspirations. And his act, indeed of engrafting his dreams, is education. To shake off, to overcome his fears, to face the unknown at his own peril and risk, to fully accept its freedom, its history and its existence.

Please check carefully.

Everything is there, never better told: ambiguity, confusion, doubt, fear, paralysis.

Faced with a choice between risk and safety, Homo kebegensis, psychologically structured in this way, would choose safety over bravery.

And if the visceral hatred of Camille Laurin and Jacques Pariseau aroused infinitely more than René Levescu, it was because their enemies saw that these two Quebecers feared nothing or no one.

They do not conform to the classic image of the skeptical, fearful, hesitant, low-motivated Quebecer.

They don’t need to shout. They accepted themselves completely, without the slightest complication, calmly and confidently.

To survive

The CAQ will be re-elected because it promises Quebecers, and the other parties are not ready to govern.

But the CAQ remains a short-term political project.

It would be sad if the PQ, the only party that kept the ideal of sovereignty alive, died.

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