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Series ““It’s one of the most tuned shows on Peruvian TV. Every night, the public gathers as a family to enjoy the new episode of the show produced by Gijio Aranda, who surrounds the residents of the San Jose neighborhood. One of those characters is Alicia, who knows the actress who will play with him?

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Back to the neighborhood page”This is a Peruvian TV series that premiered in 2017 and its fourth season began in September 2021 and already has more than 550 episodes. The plot is set in the 70s and has moved from 2020 to the present with its beloved characters.

Is Actress who gave life to ‘Alicia’, The timid girl and friend of Petrito (Samuel Sunderland) in the series. In the last chapters we can see a feeling arising between them. This was most evident at the wedding of Elisa and Dante, when when she arrived with a warrior, Pichan’s son did not take his eyes off her. She was looking at him too. What will finally happen? Here are more details about the young actress.

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Who is Daniela Olaya?

Danila Olya Villorio, Who plays Alicia from the movie “Back to the Neighborhood”, is a slightly shy young woman who tries to organize herself to read and handle soap opera recordings. More details below.


19 years.


The actress is studying psychology. In addition, he takes classes in development and vocal technique.

Social Websites

He has 317,004 followers on Facebook.

He has 198,000 followers on Instagram.

What did you do before entering the “neighborhood”?

Daniela Olaya starred in commercials until she got the best chance to appear in the cast of the series.

Did she fall in love?

The actress, though noting that she is in love, made it clear that she is lonely this time.

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What is the “Back to Page” timetable?

“Back to the Neighborhood” airs Monday through Friday at 8:30 pm on American Television Signal. All episodes of the series can be watched on tvGO 24 hours before TV. This service is under subscription.

Will the fourth season come to a final “neighborhood”?

That’s it. With its fourth season, released in September, “Back to the Neighborhood” will end at the end of 2021. “The series ends this December, the results have already been announced, and everything is quiet; I’m so sorry to have completed a project that has been a part of your life for so long. “, Said Gigio Aranda for El Comorcio.

“During the epidemic a daily fiction series revealed the best of the whole team behind and behind the screen, with which I rely, with hard work and the desire to create a fun show.”Added the architect of a successful production.

Before the immediate end, the screenwriter had already begun to think about the final chapter. “We hope the farewell will exceed the expectations of our audience.”, He thought.

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