Nation on Celine Dion’s defense

While Quebecers were still digesting their leftover turkey, tourtiere and meatball stew, basking in holiday cheer, the nation finally freed from Covid restrictions was struck with cowardice.

Yes, offensive is the word, and it’s not very strong. That’s the only word to describe the journal’s oversight Rollingstone On our Celine-Dian-A-Nous list of the 200 Greatest Singers of All Time1.

I know very well that in America, it was never fashionable to make fun of Celine’s music.2Like doing Jokes of Newbies It was once in Quebec. But Celine was rejected from the list of 200 greatest singers and songwriters AlwaysA declaration of war.

Because Rollingstone The man who cheated on Celine was the biggest gesture of insult to the nation since England sank the Meech Lakes Treaty.

It also confirms the bad taste of Americans who don’t like Celine as much as we do, which is terrible. These people could have made McDonald’s a restaurant into a giant.

On the women’s side, the announcement was crowned with a feathered magazine Rollingstone : Billie Eilish with her vocal prowess, as well as a certain Pauly Styrene, an unknown in the Sza Battalion and IU who is well known in her family, not forgetting the name Anita Baker.

Also… (I look at my notes) Lata Mangeshkar.

Who is Lata, I ask you!

In a cruel irony, the name “Dion” appears on the list RollingstoneBut it should give 154e Rank for Dion DiMucci, the singer who made teenage girls dream in the early 1960s. The magazine can’t even plead Francophobia: Francois Hardy slips down the ranks (162)e ranking).

Question: Has Dion DiMucci ever sung for the Pope?

Question: Has poly styrene been successful in Las Vegas over the years?

Question: Did Chrysler pay François Hardy millions to sell tanks?

Answer: No, no and no. But Celine, yes, yes and yes.

Even Elvis (17e on the list) while making a splash in Vegas, nothing comes close to the shoes of Céliiiiine, who smashed all ticket sales records for her two residency shows in the city, one of the world’s biggest cultural capitals…

Elvis 17e And in Celine’s wake? It is invalid.

Forgotten, Epidemic Polarization: The Nation United, United. It’s the subject of Quebec’s ire as early as 2023. This is our cultural pearl harbor, our musical Ukraine. Celine, it’s not just a song, for the nation, it’s a sign. It’s a Quebec sign Rollingstone Wanted to erase, don’t mince words.

Always ready to defend a particular idea of ​​Quebec, Julie Snyder enlisted Fans Celine Dion – rumors say they were mainly employees of her production company, but I don’t believe it – to demonstrate directly in front of the building where the offices are located in New York. Rollingstone.

Like a George Washington crossing the waters of the Delaware, like a Volodymyr Zelensky marching through liberated Kharkiv, Snyder didn’t hesitate to sacrifice what was left of his holiday vacation. Rollingstone on his own land.

(For those who want to say Mme Snyder wanted to do some easy publicity in the wake of this controversy that saddens the nation, and I say: You go, you participate. Rollingstone (On the hostile streets of Manhattan, after that, we’ll talk about it again… When it comes to Celine, I can’t stand cynicism.)

I also note that Francois Legault did not react to this attack by the American media on Quebec. The Prime Minister must come out of his malaise: he must urgently summon the Members of Parliament to the National Assembly and say whatever we say and do, today and forever.3Celine – our Celine – is without a doubt the greatest singer of all time.

A unanimous resolution from the National Assembly is required and required Rollingstone Celine is inserted at the top of the (now) 201 Greatest Singers and Singers of All Time list.

And if Rollingstone Denied?

I am calling for the termination of the 10 billion contract signed by Hydro-Québec in 2021 to supply New York City with 10 terawatt hours of hydroelectricity.

Rollingstone He would be left to write his gift list in the cold and dark.

Columnist’s Note – This entire column is meant to be taken for granted, and gently pokes at the winners’ spirits. RS arose in our latitudes.

Happy New Year 2023 everyone, Fans Celine or not.

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