When will Lumberjack return to McDonald's?  Unofficial: The company will publish the information on 23.11.2019

The second dish must be sought in Poland. Drawala Burger is undoubtedly the signature sandwich in polishing McDonald’sWhich many people wait for every year. And so for 11 years, because Drwal made his Polish debut in McDonald’s in 2011.

When will Drwalla burger be sold in McDonald’s?

Lumberjack means that McDonald’sWinter show. The fasftood network has yet to officially announce when the Lumberjack will go on sale again. In previous years, it happened in the last week of November. In 2021, the sandwich was available from November 24th.

More information from the country On the home page of Gazeta.pl

This year it will probably be similar. One of the HSPL’s Facebook groups – Food announces Drwal will appear on November 23 – vibez.pl reported. The sandwich is usually available from Wednesday, so here the date is correct.

attached to the publication Pictures with instructions for new drinks, that appeared at a McDonald’s show before Halloween. This indicates that a network employee is the source of the information.

We were also able to informally report that McDonald’s is preparing a message for this year’s premiere date on November 23.

McDonald’s seasonal deals are a problem

Last year, the interest in Lumberjack in Poland was very large One food delivery app had to exclude deliveries from other restaurants. “Today, McDonald’s introduced a new sandwich to offer. Due to the great interest and lack of drivers, we have stopped serving others. Resturant– One of the restaurateurs heard.

In October, American McDonald’s Happy Meals for adults sold out. The daily number of requests was three times higher than normal. McDonald’s employees posted videos of the restaurants on social media and urged people to stop ordering an adult Happy Meal.

A similar situation happened in 2017, for example. At that time, only one fast food chain offered for sale Thanks Szechuan sauce, after it was mentioned by the main character of the popular cartoon “Rick and Morty”. Fans lined up in long lines, and in some places things were so bad that they had to be called the police.

Mayhem at McDonald’s also reigned during a promotion in 2021, when the company introduced sets to mark the 25th anniversary of Pokémon. happy Meal With the trading cards of the franchise. Part of the chain had to suspend its sale after individuals bought all the sets. It was a period when a single Pokémon card could be resold with a profit of up to 350 times.

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