From December 24 in Poland, the ban on driving diesel, gasoline and LPG is legal!  Who will you touch first? [LISTA]

On December 9, 2021, the amendment to the Electric Mobility Act was published in the Journal of Laws. That means it will go into effect on Christmas Eve, on December 24th. Thus, the government throws a rod under the Christmas tree for all users of diesel, gasoline or LPG cars (see what you can immediately reduce fuel costs here).

What will change from December 24th?

This Friday will bring a historic moment, because from December 24, 2021, the introduction of a driving ban on diesel, gasoline and LPG cars in Poland will be legal. The authorities of major cities in Poland appealed to these legal tools.

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Ban can be imposed in any area of ​​any city in the form of a clean transport zone. It doesn’t matter if it’s a town or a small town. The authorities of Warsaw, Krakow, لودód, Wimmerszy, Dziachoszyn and Poriba will be able to legally eliminate combustion cars from the roads.

What cars will be banned?

What vehicles will be allowed to move in the clean transport zones really depends on the imagination of local governments. From December 24th, they will set their own rules. The emission standard is expected to be the only one initially.

Some cities declare that they are able to ban cars with the Euro 3 standard. This means that it will be legal to drive in the regions with a vehicle no more than 15 years old. In most cases, the ban applies to Euro 2 standards or earlier standards (cars over 20 years old).

clean transfer area

What will come out of this?

Time will tell how the creation and maintenance of clean transport zones will succeed in practice. Community rebellion can be an important factor here, so cities are expected to hold public consultations first. Today, however, it may be a little easier to find such areas, since the Poles have renovated their car fleet a little.

Adapting the regions to the current capabilities of the population is a more reasonable option than the situation we had a few years ago. At the time, clean transportation zones were only for zero-emissions cars. These drugs are still in Poland like medicine, although their number is constantly increasing. Today, when driving on the streets of major cities, it is difficult not to come across a car with green plates.

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