What’s going on with Kevin Kumar?

At the turn of August and September, Poland’s football sector was alive with the story of the beating of Kevin Komar, the young goalkeeper of Puszcza Niepołomice. Initially, it was assumed that he was attacked by Wisła Kraków fans, but this account given by a journalist was quickly verified. We went to the scene near Krakow to interview witnesses and shed new light on the case, so if anyone doesn’t remember or doesn’t know the course of events at that time, we encourage you to do so. Watch or read the report. It’s been more than two months since then – months of silence, which we decided to break with a batch of new information.

Kevin Kumar has not appeared at the Extraklassa Stadium since August due to a broken finger, but was recently in the stands during Puszczyga’s match against Krakow. We asked what was happening in his case.

We heard that Puszcza was considering amputating the player’s hand after receiving a recording from a firefighter showing the moment Kevin Komar escaped from the festival in Wiśnicz Mały and the circumstances in which he likely broke his finger. However, nothing of the sort happened – the club denies they ever doubted their player’s version. On the contrary: until the police investigation provides definitive answers, the events of August will not affect the 20-year-old’s sporting status in Nepologesi. So far, police have interviewed 40 witnesses, and plan to interview 70 more. We are not a party to this matter, but we want this story to have a happy ending. We heard from the regions surrounding newcomer Ekstraklasa.

As for the main character of our report of September 1, Dominik Wass, who was injured in a fight involving Kevin Komar in Wiśnicz Mały, we learned that he underwent surgery on his jaw (broken in several places), but is not yet able to work. Investigators still have not determined who is the victim and who is the assailant.

Will Kevin Kumar return to action this year?

According to our information, Kevin Kumar will undergo the final hand examination at the end of November, and then – if the results are positive – he will return to training with the team as quickly as possible in December. So far, he had already done several training sessions, but they only involved using his legs. Although the Puszcha goalkeeper went through the rehabilitation process efficiently, the chances of him returning to the Extraklassa Stadium in the autumn round are slim, according to our information.

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