What was going on there?!  Huge problems for Dawid Kobacki

Five poles competed in qualifying for Sunday’s competition in Sapporo. All of coach Thomas Thornbichler’s players ended up being promoted. David Kobacki had major problems while flying, most likely due to strong winds.

Bogomil Borczek

David Kobacki

Press materials / COS / Paweł Skraba / Pictured: Dawid Kubacki

As in the previous days, the jumpers had more or less problems with the weather conditions. In Sapporo, it has been windy since morning. It is enough for some competitors to see a red light that prevents them from trying the first time they take their place at the starting bar.

David Kobacki also had to wait a few tens of seconds to jump. It seems that during the world champion’s ride, the wind against the skis was very strong. At some point, this unwavering figure shook the World Cup leader.

Although the 32-year-old managed to control the flight problems, they affected the quality of the landing. Kubacki had very low scores and although he only landed 130 meters from the third starting line, he only finished 22nd in the heats. However, the most important thing was to upgrade to the competition.

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The first Pole to start Sunday’s competition in Okurayama was Aleksander Znieszczew. The representative of the WSS Wisła club jumped powerfully, landing 130 meters high, which gave him a certain promotion to the first round of the competition.

Following him, Bayousek sat on the crossbar. Some Biało-Czerwony supporters certainly have misgivings about trying for this bird, because after an impressive start to the season, the Cieszyn native is experiencing a crisis in form. Unfortunately, this situation was somewhat confirmed the next day of competition in Sapporo. Although the 23-year-old had no major problems advancing to the competition, the 118.5m jump was undoubtedly not the height of his dreams.

Traditionally, Pyotr Schiela and Camille Stosch didn’t disappoint either. The three-time Olympic champion was the first to jump. Al-Zubia had no problems qualifying for the competition, landing after only 130 metres, finishing in seventh place.

Although after a moment Żyła jumped 4.5 meters more than his teammate, he didn’t get the better of Stoch, as many points were deducted due to the strong wind against the skis.

Ryoyu Kobayashi was the best in the qualifying rounds. The Japanese confirmed his excellent form at Okurayama. With impeccable style, he reached 140 meters and clearly beat the winner of Saturday’s competition, Stefan Kraft.

Sunday’s qualifying results in Sapporo:

Place player nation Distance: after NB
1 Ryuyu Kobayashi Japan 140 145.2
2 Stephen Kraft Austria 139 138.9
3 Peter Breivc Slovenia 139 136.9
4 Jan Huerl Austria 138 135.4
5 Andreas Wellinger Germany 137 132.6
6 Michael Hayboeck Austria 132 132
7 full stoch Poland 130.5 130.8
8 Timmy Zajc Slovenia 135 128.7
9 Anze Lanisek Slovenia 132.5 128.4
10 Halvor Egner Granrod Norway 129.5 128
11 Pyotr Zilla Poland 134.5 127.4
22 David Kobacki Poland 130 114.4
26 Destroyed Alexander Poland 130 112.5
38 Paul Wask Poland 118.5 94.8

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