Robert Kubica at ELMS in Portimao goes as a champ

Cesare Gutofsky: We’re after the test day in Portimao. Cunning Smooth Do you have to fix any problems?

Robert Kubica: There are always problems, the question is how big are they. Overall, we spent Thursday on light trials, which we should have done earlier, but either somehow there wasn’t time for that, or we had different priorities, or the weather prevented us a few times. Today the conditions are stable, despite the fact that for me and Yifeia Ye it is a new path, and so special. This year we are newbies, so not all things in the car were checked, so we ran some tests.

This is the first time you have driven this path. Do you like the Portimao composition?

It looks more interesting on the outside than on the inside – that’s how I feel. There are no high speed corners. The ones out there are full throttle, and there are actually plenty of free throttle out there. The track looks nice, but I wouldn’t put it too high on my favorite driving trails.

You came here as gentlemen. In such a situation, from a mental point of view, is it possible to approach competition in the same way?

I would be lying if I said the approach would be the same because it wouldn’t be. That’s the beautiful thing about sports, that the excitement, the challenge and the goal in front of you keep you going. It’s not like we’re going to come in here, get an elbow out of the car, and take a ride. Surely, when the weekend begins, that thrill of excitement will return. But the feelings are sure to be a little different. I am always driven by difficulties and goals. Now, even though we won, the goal would be to finish the season as much as possible. But let’s agree – there is no such pressure anymore.

What are your goals for my two WEC races in Bahrain?

I’m going to start a little unexpectedly in WEC. This is my last two races in Bahrain, I’ll be flying straight from here. I’ll start with the same car, but with a different team and a different class, because in ProAm, one driver has a Bronze license. The line-up is like Dayton, with the difference that there will be no Ferdinand Habsburg. Daytona went at the beginning of the year as is, and didn’t actually go…so let’s hope we have better luck in Bahrain. I’m going there to do my job. I wanted to do a few more races this year, I was able to do a couple of races in Formula 1, which were off the schedule and so was the WEC, but it so happened that I would go there as well.

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