What was going on there!  An emotional thriller reveals the final semi-finalists

Caroline Garcia and Daria Kasatkina fought a fierce battle for the 2022 WTA semi-finals in Fort Worth. A French tennis player advanced to the next stage, winning the second half of the third set.

Łukasz Iwanek

Caroline Garcia

PAP / EPA / CJ Gunther / Pictured: Caroline Garcia

On Saturday a little earlier at 22:00 Poland time, Caroline Garcia and Daria Kasatkina came to court in Fort Worth. This match picked the last two WTA semi-finalists. This was the third meeting of these tennis players. Previously, they each achieved one victory. There was a passionate battle in Texas. The French won 4:6, 6:1, 7:6 (5).

Kasatkina had problems in the second half but saved the break point. Moments later, Garcia did not get out of the position that he handed the order. The Frenchman was active on the field, she wanted to dominate, but it was not easy for her to finish the march, because the opponent read the match well and defended himself well. But Garcia did her job and admired her calmness. A return attack was scored with a large forehand.

Over time, Garcia’s advantage grew, and due to her aggressive nature, she was also very meticulous and effectively changed directions. The French got a break at 4: 2. Katakina felt the pressure and it became more and more difficult for her to resist the attacks of her opponent, but she did not lose her fighting spirit. With a deep forehand that forced a foul, this time it made up for the loss. There was a development on the field.

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Kasatkina retrained him better and made excellent counterattacks. Meanwhile, Garcia was no longer attacking so easily. She was running out of patience and making more mistakes. At 4:4 she gave a pass to roll the front hand into the net. The angry French woman got rid of her anger in an unusual way. I sat on a high chair, and threw a banana. She was leading 4:2 to lose the first game 4:6. In the set ball, she threw a ball.

In the second set, Garcia regained her balance and again formed dangerous attacks. I got a breakout at 3:1. This time Kasatkina vented feelings, but using a racket hit the ball hard on the field. I resigned and completely lost the concept of the game. The French continued the siege and used the break point with a big forehand at 5:1. I set the group score at 6:1 bass.

Kasatkina gave the impression that she was mentally disturbed and for the opening of the third party she gave the order with a double error. There was an emotional swing on the field. Garcia was also very nervous. A forehand stuck in the net cost her the service in the second half. Then there was a bit of good tennis for both of them. With a nice shot, the French managed to collapse in 3:2. Two big actions (playing the shortcut and hitting a double backhand) gave Kasatkin a catch up.

It wasn’t a pretty sight, but it kept in anticipation until the end. The eighth and ninth jewel lasted 23 minutes. First, Garcia saved the break point, then he had six break points. Kasatkina got out of trouble and was leading 5:4. Three more matches, for a change, were quickly taken over by the server. In the tie break, Garcia showed greater composure. Kasatkina defended the ball in the first match with a forehand. With the second tennis players playing a great exchange, the French ended with a shot.

In the match that lasted two hours and 27 minutes, Garcia fired four aces and Katsatkina made eight double faults. The French re-ordered five times and used six of the 14 break points. She was credited with 42 direct ball wins and 48 fouls. Kasatkina had 16 final hits and 26 non-compulsive fouls.

This was Kasatkina’s first appearance in the WTA Finals. In 2018, she was a substitute, but did not play any matches. At Roland Garrosi this year I reached the semi-finals of the Grand Slam. In August, she won titles in San Jose and Granby. In October, she was promoted to the highest position of her career, eighth place in the ranking.

Garcia makes her second singles appearance at the WTA Finals. Five years later, she was promoted to the semi-finals again. At this year’s US Open, she reached the semi-finals of the Grand Slam. From June to August, the French won titles in Bad Homburg, Warsaw and Cincinnati.

On Sunday, Garcia will face Greek Maria Skari in the semi-finals. In return, Iga Świątek will play Aryna Sabalenka.

WTA FinalsFort Worth (USA)
Tour tournaments, hard courts in the hall, prizes totaling 5 million dollars
Saturday 5 November

one match:

Group A (Tracy Austin)

Caroline Garcia (France 6) beat Daria Kasatkina (8) 4-6, 6-1, 7-6 (5).

WTA Finals 2022 results and tables

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