What is Silla’s religion?  Not much is known about it

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Piotr Żyła has been one of the best Polish athletes for years. The ordinary world champion on the hill stands out from other representatives of our country. What is the 36-year-old player’s religion?

Piotr Schila has a large group of supporters in Poland, but not everyone knows that he is not Catholic. Our experienced skier declares his affiliation with the Augsburg Evangelical Church.

Father Jan Bert spoke about this in an interview with bielskobiala.naszemiasto.pl. Then the public knew what religion the 36-year-old was.

– Piotr went to the Championship Sports School in Štčerek, where Catholic and Evangelical religion classes are offered. Students come from all over Poland and belong to different churches. Two catechists – Catholic and Evangelical – provide pastoral care to students. Piotr attended evangelical religion classes. Religion lessons with Piotr were very interesting. The priest said that Pyotr was a very cheerful person.

So Sheila is a Christian, but he belongs to a different church than most Poles. Despite this, he brings great joy to his compatriots when he achieves success on the world’s ski jumping hills.

On Saturday, Żyła finished 11th in the World Cup competition in Klingenthal. The second competition will be held in this German city on Sunday. in. The qualifiers will start at 2:00 pm, and the main tournament will start at 2:00 16:00. Text reports on these events will be published by the WP SportoweFakty portal.

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