What is Sanaa’s education?  She was successful, but she still hadn't given up studying!


  1. Sanaa – Education and School

What education did Sanaa have?? school, completed by a famous star of the Polish music scene, is very demanding and you need to show enormous skills and knowledge. She certainly gained a lot by completing this specific field of study at a university. It is worth noting that the artist was noticed at the age of twenty-two thanks to her YouTube channel, where she published her own compositions. For years, she has been distinguished by a unique style of writing songs, combining in the text layer the youthful slang and poetry with charm, joy, and humor. With each subsequent album, she confirmed her talent while strengthening her position in the music market. We conducted our first radio interview with the then aspiring star.

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Sanaa – Education and School

Netizens constantly wonder what education Duda has. It also turned out that fans often ask which schools the performers of the hit songs “Champagne”, “Melodia”, “Sir” or “No Sory” graduated from. She showed her love for music from an early age. At the age of six, her parents enrolled her in a music school, and a year later she began learning to play the violin. In the fifth grade of primary school, I learned to play the piano. It is certain that even then, the teachers viewed her as a great talent.

Between 2004 and 2013, Sanaa attended the public secondary music school complex. Grażyna Bacewicz in Warsaw. Later, for the next three years, she taught at a secondary music school. Zenon Brzezewski in Warsaw. In June 2019, she defended her bachelor's thesis in a violin class at the Frederic Chopin University of Music in Warsaw, and exactly two years later, in June 2021, she received her master's degree in instrumental studies at the same university.

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Zuzanna Grabowska would certainly have achieved great success in music even without school. On the other hand, she definitely learned a big lesson while defending her master's degree, which she uses to create hit songs on a daily basis!

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