The film inspired by the cult game premieres on Netflix on Friday!

There are only two days left until the premiere of the animated film based on the popular computer game, which will join the Netflix catalogue. Who will have the most fun?

I remember years ago, before going to school, I played Woody Woodpecker, an animatronic woodpecker, which was a very addictive title for me years ago. Along with other games like Kao's Kangaroo, Woody is permanently etched in my memory as a beloved character.

On Friday, April 12, the movie is titled “Woody the Woodpecker's Going to Camp.” This movie will be another production in the Woody universe. The previous film premiered in 2017, and soon we'll be able to watch the new adventures of the cheerful woodpecker on Netflix.

Will the production be a hit? It's hard to say because ratings for the trailer on Netflix Poland are quite divided. Viewers voted 2.2 thousand. Thumbs up and 1.9k thumbs up, so it's quite an ambiguous situation as a film may be a flop or a success

Driven out of the jungle, Woody believes Camp Joho will be his new home – but the Chief Inspector threatens to close down the camp. “Woody the Woodpecker Goes to Camp” premieres on Netflix on April 12.

I have no doubt that “Woody the Woodpecker Goes to Camp” will be an interesting production for little ones, and who knows, maybe the children of people who have played the game for years, like me, will watch it with their parents.

One thing's for sure – it's hard to get bored with a Netflix subscription. The library contains a lot of films and series, so everyone will find something for themselves there.

source: Netflix

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