What is 6:2(1+2)?  People are losing their heads when solving this simple mathematical problem!

What is 6:2(1+2)? The order in which the actions are performed bends if someone has trouble solving the task. And there are a lot of such people, which can be seen best in the comments at the bottom of the social media post. Specifically, people on Twitter are losing their heads while solving this trivial math problem! The post with this equation has over 27 million views, close to 100,000 likes, and countless replies. We will boldly say that half of them are incorrect. Those who have doubts when solving a successful mathematical problem wonder if it is worth skipping school. What’s more, netizens have been asking for weeks how much 2x + 6 = 10? Mathematics binds together, but also causes conflicts!

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6:2(1+2) – How much?

What is 6:2(1+2)? We hope that next year senior students will not have any problems with this task. So they may have trouble passing the maturity test and it’s worth starting to catch up now. Given its popularity on the internet, we wouldn’t be surprised if the Central Examination Board decided to put such an equation on paper in 2024. One person wrote that the answer was obvious and the result could be either 1 or 9. In response, someone wrote angrily that: The result of equation 6:2(1+2) is 9. This is the only correct answer. Other online mathematicians suggest that division should be calculated first. They claim that the correct solution is: 6:2(1+2) = 6:2×3, 6:6 = 1.

What is 6:2(1+2) – score

When you type this equation into Google, suggested solutions appear on YouTube. In fact, this mission has been controversial since 2013 until today. The confusion occurs because some people first create the parentheses by expanding 1 + 2 to equal 3, multiplying by 2, and then dividing by 6, which equals 1. But the correct answer is 9. Expand the parentheses, which results in 6:2×3 . Then add everything in order, i.e. 6:2 = 3 and 3 x 3 = 9.

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