Tension during the conclusion of “Love Asylum”.  “He’s in the arms of another woman”

“Love Sanitarium” The sixth batch has ended. In the last episode, the seniors enjoyed a big party. Marija and Stanislaw became the queen and king of the tournament.

In the seventh episode of “Love Sanatorium” a breakthrough occurred in the history of the series – one of the patients, Maria Luisa from Gliwice, resigned from participating in the program, and a new person appeared in her place – Maria from Łódź. However, Kabir joined the event and danced on the dance floor with the other participants. Małgorzata, who was deeply interested in Stanisław, was not satisfied with this visit. Let us remind you that the patient wanted to create a relationship with one of the participants who left the program.

– I received.

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“Love Sanitarium.” Tension at a concert

Maria Luisa saw Stanisław and Magorzata having fun throughout the event. She did not hide her disappointment.

– She got stuck in front of the cameras.

Małgorzata was not indebted to her.

– She said.

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