Why did Vladimir Putin change the Russian Defense Minister?  Who is the new minister?

Russia’s war with Ukraine. Day 810

Belousov will replace Sergei Shoigu, who served as Russian Defense Minister for 12 years. The change is described as a measure aimed at enabling better use of the available defense budget.

Shoigu is seen as one of Putin’s closest collaborators. After leaving the position of Minister of Defense, he will assume the position of Secretary of the Security Council, succeeding Nikolai Patrushev. Patrushev is also set to take on a new position, although it has not yet been revealed.

How does Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov explain the change in the position of Russian Defense Minister?

Commenting on the change at the head of the Russian Defense Ministry, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that this makes sense because Russia is currently in a situation similar to the one in which the Soviet Union found itself in the mid-1980s – defense spending, due to the two-year-long war, has reached… Level of 7.4 percent. gross domestic product.

Therefore – Peskov added – it is necessary to adjust such large expenditures and bring them into line with the economy of the entire country, which is why Putin decided to appoint an economist to head the Ministry of Defense. “The person who is most open to innovation is the one who will emerge victorious on the battlefield,” Peskov added.

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