This is how the night sky on Mars looks amazing

Robot It constantly sends back to Earth huge amounts of very valuable scientific data. In most cases, these images are captured during the day by the camera system, because the task wizard uses them to judge which things are worth paying attention to and need to take a closer look.

However, few people are aware of the fact that determination It has such advanced equipment for monitoring that it takes pictures at night without any problems. It must be admitted that they are amazing with their beauty. In one of the panoramic photos (link here), captured by Navcams on February 20, 2021, we can see the craft in the background with a starry sky.

The most important part of it is the arm of our galaxy, i.e. Milky Way. There are somewhere billions of stars, including the most active body in our galaxy, a black hole called Sagittarius A*.

Although the above panorama was created by the chariot of perseverance, we would not have seen it without the hard work of Marcio Cabral of 360 cities. He modified the original image, increasing its resolution and bringing out the details. The effect is simply amazing.

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