December 6, 2022


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What are the most terrible horror movies? Scientific study leaves no illusions [TOP30]

The most terrible horror movies This is one of those terms that fans of pop culture and others are constantly searching for in their search engine. Each of us has our own ideas about the scariest movie genre. We love getting into long discussions about whether one job can be more intimidating and intimidating than another. It is time, however, to stop this kind of debate and give science a chance.

In 2020, the British portal Broadband Options created a project called Science of Scare, in which the most terrible horror was noted thanks to special research. In the second edition of the event last year, 250 volunteers were invited to a room where trial participants were connected to medical devices in order to measure changes in heart rhythm during the session.

Watch Daredevils 40 movies – 30 of the scariest movies from the first release, news from 2021 that were previously omitted from the classics of the genre. The final rank in the ranking was determined by the average number of heart beats per minute; The higher it is, the higher the specific production site. Who was at the top of the ranking? See for yourself:

The most terrible horror movies – based on scientific research

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