What about the Science Center “Energy Mill” in Grudziadz?  Tender in December, opening at the end of 2026

The Science Center “Energy Mill” in Grudziądz will be opened in 2026 – announces Piotr Całbecki, Commander of the Prefecture. This science and culture center will be operated by the Kujawsko-Pomorskie Center for Education and Innovation in Toruń.

About related plans Education and Science Center “Młyn Energii” in Grudziądz Today (Wednesday, October 4), Piotr Kalbecki, governor of the province, spoke at a press conference in Grudziadz.

The center in Grudziądz will be operated by the Kujawsko-Pomorskie Center for Education and Innovation in Toruń. During the meeting in Grudziądz, Marshal Piotr Całbecki presented to Małgorzata Sadowska-Rodziewicz, Director of K-PCEiI, a real estate loan agreement with Młyn Górny for the purposes of carrying out the investment process and carrying out legal activities.

-We already have a design with a building permit and intend to announce a tender for the work by December 15th. Hopefully construction will be able to start in the spring. The opening is scheduled for December 2026, said Małgorzata Sadowska-Rodziewicz, director of K-PCEiI.

The investment will be implemented by Kujawsko-Pomorskie Inwestycje Regionalne, headed by Jaroslaw Wierski.

No one wants to talk about the costs of this investment today, before the tender is announced. But let’s remember that the “energy mill” will be implemented according to the concept presented in October last year. At that time, the investment was valued at PLN 65 million.

Let us remember that in mid-October of last year, an ambitious project was presented to modernize this building and add another building and a connector.

The concept of adapting this facility was presented in October last year. It was prepared by Sound & Space studio which was selected in the tender. After these thoughts:

  • The current building of Młyn Górny will include exhibition, conference and workshop halls, an auditorium and catering facilities.
  • A new building constructed next door will house the organisation’s support rooms, as well as a toilet, ticket office and observation deck.
  • The third element is the link between historic and new buildings.

The Energy Mill will feature laboratories where children and teenagers will be able to gain knowledge in the field of science and renewable energy in an accessible way. The main theme will be five energy zones: space, water, earth, air and fire.

We wrote more about Grudziądz’s “energy mill” concept here.

The need to develop Młyn Górny, which was abandoned about 20 years ago, has long been talked about. Years ago, this was supposed to be done by the municipal property management company, which took the facility out of private hands in 2017, but they ran out of ideas. In 2020, the city transferred the building (on a property exchange basis) to the Marshal’s Office for use as a cultural and educational facility. Since then, projects have been built and the facility itself has continued to deteriorate. So much so that in October 2022, emergency works had to be carried out to secure the facility. Because the wall might collapse, the building was secured with belts, and some safety-threatening elements were dismantled from the inside. Nearly 1 million zlotys were spent on securing the building, and another 720,000 zlotys were spent on securing the wall. Zloty. We wrote then: The monument in Grudziadz was collapsing! The roof has been removed from Młyn Górny on the Trinca Canal

The building of the Gornji Mill in Grudziądz is a very valuable monument. It was established in 1404 AH.

What about the Science Center “Energy Mill” in Grudziadz? Giving in…

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