Webb telescope images of star formation.  This is what the pillars of creation look like

The Eagle Nebula, also known as the “Cosmic Nursery”, is a place where new nurseries are formed stars. The space was taken in 2014 (one of the most amazing photos in space history was taken at that time), and now thanks to telescope James Webb can be seen more clearly, even though it is 6,500 light-years away from the device.

Bright red stars can be seen in the pictures. These are the emerging celestial bodies. These stars also usually have diffraction spikes and are located outside one of the dust plumes. This happens in columns Gas Nodes with the appropriate cluster will be created. When they reach it, it begins to collapse under its gravity, slowly heats up, and eventually forms new stars, he explains. NASA.

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The telescope captured the formation of stars

The image also shows wavy lines resembling lava. NASA It shows that these are stellar projections that form in gas and dust.

“Young stars periodically emit hypersonic jets that collide with clouds of matter such thick plumes. Sometimes they also cause shocks that can create undulating patterns, as in issue A boat moving on the water. Its scarlet color is derived from energy Hydrogen molecules ”- we read.

It is estimated that the young stars captured in the photos are “only” several hundred thousand years old. However, NASA adds that apart from the plumes, no photos were taken galaxies.

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