June 10, 2023


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We use more and more energy. Consumption increased by more than 20 percent.

Households in Poland had a large share of the national energy consumption. According to data from the Central Bureau of Statistics, average household electricity consumption increased in 2021 compared to 2002 by 20.9%. On average, domestic households consumed 24.6 GJ of energy per capita, which put Poland at the European average of 24.5 GJ/capita.

In Poland, solid fuels are still the most important, especially hard coal (which is an exception in the European Union) and firewood. They were mostly used for space heating (by 32.8 percent families). These fuels have also been used to heat water (22.5 percent households) and less often for cooking meals (1.7 percent).

  • Space heating with heating technologies in 2021 (%).
  • Water heating with heating technologies in 2021 (%)

District heating and gas in Poland

A very important energy carrier is the heat from the network, with which it was heated 52.2 percent of all apartments, especially in large cities, where heating was the predominant method (74.3 percent). Moreover 41.1 percent families, ie 78.2 percent District heating consumers, they took heated water from the network. Natural gas was used 56.5 percent families however 30.8 percent of the recipients only used it to cook meals and only 14.6 percent For residential heating only. This structure of gas consumption was the result of a long-standing practice of installing gas networks in multi-family buildings solely for the purpose of cooking meals.

Coal and wood are still important as fuels

In those areas of the country where the natural gas network does not reach, the use of liquefied gas was common (30.6 percent), almost all of which were used to cook meals (30.5 percent). used firewood 21 percent families. It was the only renewable energy company widely used in homes. It is usually burned in the same boilers and furnaces as hard coal, simultaneously with coal or alternately. In addition to wood, farms also used other types of biomass, but the prevalence of their use was much lower than that of wood. Solar collectors were used by 1 out of 38 households, and heat pumps by only 1 out of 132 households.

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The use of electricity for heating purposes is minimal

Electricity has been widely used in homes, particularly for lighting and powering household appliances and electronics. The use of electricity for heating was small (5.5 percent), for example due to higher prices and the existence of cheaper alternatives. Electricity was used for cooking meals and space heating as an additional method, and for heating water it was mainly used where there was no access to district heating and gas.