We recap Gamescom 2023 and once again we’re happy with Baldur’s Gate 3 – Review of the week
August 25, 2023, at 23:15

In episode 47 of the GRYOnline.pl podcast we look back at the week including our Gamescom 2023 recap and commentary on the latest material from Gothic Remake.

Image source: Larian Studios.


The 47th episode of the GRYOnline.pl podcast is slightly different from the previous episodes. Our editors – Adam Zeichenter and Carol Laska – don’t focus on one topic, but rather on multiple issues. Any one?

  1. They discuss Gamescom 2023 — that is, basically the live opening night on Tuesdays.
  2. They are rating the premiere of Immortals of Aveum.
  3. Comment on new articles from Gothic Remake – Trailer at THQ Nordic Digital Showcase and Raven concept art.
  4. They share their impressions of Baldur’s Gate III, because they play Larian Studios’ work all the time and are always amazed by it.

I conversation You will listen On Spotify, Apple Podcast, Anchor.fm, and you can watch it on YouTube. Their links as well as a video link can be found below.

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Of course, the new formula does not mean that we have abandoned the previous formula. In order not to be unfounded, I will reveal this The next episode will be entirely dedicated to her starfield. You can expect that next week.

  1. Immortals of Aveum is a shooter unlike any other, but I feel like no one will notice
  2. Between fantasy and real-life shooter – An interview with the creator of Immortals of Aveum
  3. I play a different game every day. Every time Baldur’s Gate 3
  4. What do we know about Gothic Remake after the trailer? A quick analysis for fans of the series

Sociologist by education, gamer by passion. He started his adventure with toys at the age of four – with Pegasus. Currently, he prefers PC and demanding RPGs, but he doesn’t shy away from consoles or other genres. He has been writing professionally since 2016. He joined GRYOnline.pl five years later – although he’s known the site since he had an internet connection – to combine his passion for words and games. It mainly deals with news and journalism. When not playing or writing, he prefers to read, watch TV series (often movies) and Premier League matches, listen to heavy music, and walk his dog. He loves Stephen King’s work almost uncritically. He does not abandon his plans to follow in his footsteps. He does, however, keep his first “literary achievement” locked away in a drawer.


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