American Tiktoker DRWI from Małgorzata Rozenek's photo: "Did you notice that this woman has baby hands?"

Małgorzata Rozenek He was one of the most famous Polish celebrities for years. Perfect regularly cooperates with well-known brands and appears at all kinds of media events. Every public appearance of Rosnick resonates widely in the tabloids because of her love for her original design.

“Polska Victoria Beckham” cares about her image both in the real world and on the Internet. Instagram Gretel It’s full of photos from photo shoots, but also for more personal photos. Observers can enjoy the views from the life of the Majdanów family, For example, from a joint vacation.

This is the post where Rosinick is sitting on the yacht and posing in a swimsuit a few months ago It sparked a huge controversy in Polish social media. The picture was posted by my wife Radoslaw Majdan In July, “fans” mocked him after noticing the interference of the retouching program, noting the disproportionate hand that rested on the artist’s stomach.

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A few months after an unfortunate incident occurred over a reworked image American tiktokerka commented. A young girl known by the nickname Residualdata makes social media users aware of the harmful effects of excessive retouching, which is often used by celebrities. This time she took a closer look at the photos from Rozenek’s Instagram:


Have you noticed that this woman has baby hands? Her hands don’t look like that, but when you hold her tummy, it looks so small – indicated.

There were plenty of comments under her video, mostly from outside Poland, who also didn’t believe the ridiculous redaction.

In Norway, editing propaganda photos is illegal! I hope other countries will pass a similar law! – One observer gave his opinion.


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