June 7, 2023


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Ski jumping.  Norwegian President: We do not want Russian athletes!

Ski jumping. Norwegian President: We do not want Russian athletes!

– The Council of our federation decided today that the Norwegian Ski Association does not want Russian athletes to participate in the World Cup and the upcoming World Ski Championships to be held in Norway, said Eric Rosti, president of this federation.

“Russia’s violation of international law and its attacks on the Ukrainian nation require international condemnation and sanctions. Sport is not separate from reality and cannot be negatively related to what is currently happening” – we read on the official website of the federation, which the federation intends to submit to this issue the request of the International Ski Federation (FIS). This is the most radical advertisement to have appeared in the world of winter sports.

Recall that yesterday a statement was issued by the World Ski Center that, in line with the recommendations of the International Olympic Committee for the International Federations, all Russian athletes will still be able to participate in all FIS competitions, although for all ceremonies, including medal ceremonies, they will that. Under the flag of the FIS and the anthem of the FIS.

At the beginning of March in Norway, in Lillehammer and Oslo, there will be male and female Raw Air competitions, and on March 11-13 the Vikersundbakken ski jump will be the arena of the World Figure Skating Championships.

Adrian Dworakowski, Source: Private Information

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