We know how much Bilal Amrani will earn in Wisła.  A surprising sum for an Algerian

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Pyotr Kozminski

Bilal Omrani, former player of, among others, Olympique de Marseille will go to Wisła Kraków. As reported by WP SportoweFakty, the club will bring him in on favorable terms. what does that mean? We looked behind the scenes and found out what salary was scheduled for the Algerian striker.

Bilal Omrani has been playing in the Romanian Premier League for the past few years. He achieved his greatest success in Cluj where he won the national championship five times. He recently played for Petrololo, and has been a free agent since January 18.

Several Polish clubs have recently been monitoring the Algerian, with Wisła Kraków making the most realistic moves. As we previously reported, Omrani will be transferred to Wawel on club-friendly terms. what does that mean?

We have received the latest news on this topic. As we hear, the Algerian grew up playing football at Olympique Marseille until the end of the season He's getting…about 10,000 euros. It turns out that his monthly salary does not exceed 2,000 euros.

In football terms, it's a very modest amount, but… a lot depends on the player himself. The contract will include bonuses that could significantly increase his salary. He just has to play and score goals, and ideally, this will also allow Wisła to advance to the Ekstraklasa. Then both parties will be satisfied.

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Al-Omrani was ready for such a solution from the beginning of the negotiations. The player wants to rebuild, and since he is 30 years old, he theoretically still has many seasons ahead of him.

The best moment in his career was competing for the Champions League title in the 2019/2020 season. Cluj reached the fourth round, defeating Celtic among others. El Omrani was the top scorer in the preliminary stage of the Champions League, with six goals.

The Algerian is scheduled to travel to Krakow this weekend and then his future will finally be clarified. At the moment, a transfer seems very likely.

Piotr Kozminski, journalist at WP SportoweFakty

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