"Marella. I loved so much."  Film about Maryla Rodowicz.  When is the first show?  Information

The documentary “Maryla. I love it” will be shown on December 25 at 21 at TVP1. Christian Kochkowski and Michai Bandorsky are responsible for directing the film; The producer is Paweł Gajewski (all three worked in a film about Krzysztof Krawczyk “All my life”, shown by TVP on December 25, 2020). As the authors describe, the film is meant to be a journey through life Marella RudovicAt the same time discovering “many spicy details from the singer’s private and emotional life”. The document, which will premiere in December, will include numerous conversations between the authors and the artist, as well as recordings of musicals, rehearsals and concerts. Viewers will also see previously unknown archive recordings in the possession of Polish television.

Apart from Marila Rudovich, the film will also feature Daniil Olbrichki, Helena Vondrakova, Andrei Sikorovsky, Adam Shtapa and Maria Zabowska, as well as the singer’s relatives and partners. “The most important thing in this film is the story of how I loved Marella, there are many violent heart attacks in this story (…). This is a film about Maryla Rodowicz, but also about important people in her life” – says Michai Bandorsky, one of the directors.

The movie was shot in less than a year. However, as Pawe Gajewski reports, Maryla Rodowicz, despite her busy schedule, found time to shoot a movie that she “really cares about.”

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