Watch how Iga got Indian Wells and went to Miami.  For a double sunny

Iga Świątek is already halfway to the Sunny Doublet. What is this cup, or rather what are these awards? The answer is simple – this is how you define the two major US Springtime Championships on the West Coast and East Coast. This is Indian Wells, in which the tennis player has won from Raszyn, and Miami, in which she will play shortly.

More money and prestige

Sunshine Double, because that’s how English is spoken in some of these tournaments, it’s the biggest event after the Grand Slam. They have a WTA 1000 class, but a much bigger bracket and a much bigger prize pool than the other thousands. For victory in California and success in Florida, the best players receive 1.231 million dollars each, which is approximately 5.3 million Polish zlotys. If Świątek continues his winning streak in Miami, he will earn nearly $2.5 million a month, more than PLN 10 million.

At the moment, thanks to the victory in the first part of the Sunny Double, Iga has points that allowed her to move to second place in the WTA rating. This is the highest position for her in her career. It was totally worth considering what I had on display at Indian Wells. Especially in the final against Scary.

No words – Iga Świątek wrote after the final in Indian Wells, where he presented the trophy with coach Tomasz Wiktorowski and psychologist Daria Abramovich.

The nightmare no longer exists

In recent months, Polish women have been meeting regularly with Greek women. With her she lost the first three fights, including the very important one in her favorite meal in the quarter-finals of the 2021 French Open, but she has already settled the last two matches in her favour. The trend has clearly changed, and Iga said a major competition has begun, which she hopes will last up to ten years. However, it is already clear that your lips have learned to play with a rival who has been a hurdle for her and an insurmountable hurdle so far. I defeated her for the first time in Doha and then won the entire tournament. It was the same now in Indian Wells.

The final match did not start as expected by IgI Świątek, because it lost its app in the first match. However, it turns out that in windy conditions maintaining your service will be a real challenge. In the first group we saw up to seven breaks. Record one more IGA. There were fewer breaks per second – only two – including in favor of Iga. But this set and the whole match in 81 minutes was won with confidence and calm.

Who wants a gift from my end? – She looked like she was asking after the final with Scary I cured you.

For such scenarios and circumstances, one should also prepare for Christmas in Miami, where eruptions are often stronger than in Indian Wells. The second part of the Solar Doublet takes place under completely different circumstances. Of course, the sun is also shining, of course it is also very warm, but the humidity compared to BNP Paribas Open is very different. Where Iga just won, it’s very dry and slow. After moving to the eastern United States, you’ll feel the Atlantic ocean breeze. And the ball will “walk” completely differently.

The similarities are obvious

The two leagues are completely different from each other. They are like fire and water. Experts believe that despite their obvious similarities, they differ more from the floor-playing Roland Garros and the grass Wimbledon. They seem to have the same hard surface, have the same category and set of awards and actors, but winning them in the same season is very difficult, or indeed impossible.

Suffice it to say that even Serena Williams never achieved this, which, after all, performed amazingly at the tournaments held in the USA. Well, she didn’t compete for a large part of her career due to a conflict with the California event organizers, but she failed in the latter part of her career anyway. Like many other great tennis players.

Will Iga Świątek and Tomasz Wiktorowski along with the staff enjoy the same after the tournament in Miami? It may be so!

So far, Indian Wells and Miami have won only three tennis players in one season: Stevie Graf, Kim Clijsters and Victoria Azarenka. The German women succeeded in this in the 1994 and 1996 seasons. The Belgian in 2005, the Belarusian in 2016. So will Iga be able to achieve this in 2022? And what has to happen for that to happen?

Quick adaptation required

First of all, her coach Thomas Wiktorowski knows that well, you have to be moving from California to Florida in no time. Second – to do some hard training there beforehand to adapt to the surface. Women usually have more problems coping than men, which is why there were definitely more Solar Doublet winners among them. The most – four times – won by Novak Djokovic. He has fallen prey to Roger Federer three times. Next, it was won by Jim Courier, Michael Chang, Pete Sampras, Marcelo Rios and Andre Agassi. Obviously, the men were less bothered by these harsh conditions.

However, it should be noted that Rafael Nadal did not receive the Sunshine Double. Well, he never came close to him. All because he simply never managed to win in Miami. This also shows how difficult the task awaits Iga. We remind her that Rafa is a role model who can do anything on the court. Anything but not just that. It never turned out to be the best in Miami. We think Iga will show how to change her and her idol’s results will have no effect on her.

After her victory, Iga Świątek waited for Rafael Nadal to win the final against Taylor Fritz. Unfortunately, her favorite tennis player lost this time.

It plays effectively and widely

The Sunny Doublet is not only prestige, but also a confirmation of prestige on the professional tour. Now second place. But in the case of victory, and in the absence of Ashleigh Barty, it could be 1st place. Of course, if you can combine fire and water first. Given the momentum and how effective Iga play is, it’s totally possible!

Watch the abbreviation and highlights of the final match at Indian Wells Świątek – Sakkari, the joy in the Polish team, Fridays with Martina Navratilova and the Polish women’s speech at the end of the tournament. This is a must see!”

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