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Author: AKPA
Anthony Jokoinski and his wife Hanna

We were able to speak to Hanna Gucwińska, the widow of the late Anthony Gucwińska (aged 89). Ms. Hanna only reveals to us the details of the last days of the life of her husband, the legendary director of Wrocław ZOO, with whom she directed the program “The Camera Among the Animals” for many years. She is honest about how she feels right now.

Ms. Hanno, please accept our deepest sympathies from the entire editorial office of Super Express and our readers. For many of us, Lord Anthony Jokoinski He was part of childhood, a beautiful memory, but also an authority, someone who made it clear that animals should not only be respected, but loved.

Thank you so much. It’s so good that the editorial staff thought of Anthony this way… Thank you for calling, I can talk to someone about what happened. And I still can’t find a place in the house, I can’t put everything in order in my head, in my heart. We’ve been together for 60 years. And suddenly, Anthony was no longer there …

It is true that he killed him Corona virus?

Yes I think so. But I don’t have official information about this yet. My husband has been feeling unwell for several days. He was not breathing normally. But when I asked if everything was ok, he lied to me that he was ok. I know him – he didn’t want to worry me. But I had a feeling something was wrong anyway. And day by day it was getting worse with breathing. On Sunday, he spoke on the phone with his family doctor. As soon as he heard Anthony’s voice, he immediately ordered him to call an ambulance.

Anthony Jokoinsky is dead. The painful truth about his private life. He and his wife were afraid of throwing stones at their house

What does Mr. Anthony say about it?

I don’t want to say he downplayed the matter, because we called 112 right away, but he assured me at the same time that he was fine. Anyway, it was working normally that day. He was talking with his friend on the phone, he was joking. An ambulance finally arrived. He got the injection right away and was given oxygen. After some time, the device was removed, the doctor asked if my husband was feeling better. He answered yes.

But the doctor had a different opinion…

Suddenly everyone left, leaving us alone. We were sure that was the end of the visit and Anthony stayed at home. That all is well. But it turns out that the ambulance team only went to the ambulance stretcher. It was decided that the husband should go to the hospital immediately. Anthony took his cell phone to keep in touch with me. After a while, he also asked me to give him a charger, because recently (a few weeks ago – editor), when he was in the hospital, he forgot and there was a problem. He just smiled at me “I’ll be back soon” and they went to the hospital.


It is “with camera among animals” the best Polish nature program ever

All this happened in the evening?

Yes really. The next day I called him in his cell, I just wanted to talk to him. Ask him how he feels and if he needs anything… pick up. But all I heard in the receiver was a mysterious whistling … After a while the nurse probably took the phone from Anthony and told me “You’re boycotting us now”. I hung up. Now I know that my beloved husband was dying then, and that these were his last moments.

Shocked, I called the doctor after a while to ask him what was going on. When I think about it, I come to the conclusion that most likely Anthony died during this conversation. But I found out that my husband died because of the president Jacek Sutter Learn about it online. People started calling me, asking if it was true. I didn’t even know what to say next… It wasn’t until later that I was informed of my husband’s death.

How are you and how are you?

Thank you, I have someone to help me. I have to face it all. I love him so much, we have been together almost our whole life. And now he’s gone. A man stands and speaks and after a while he died. Everything is terrible.

Do you know when the funeral is?

not yet. I heard the body will be in the cooler for a long time. It’s probably because of the pandemic, it’s possible that Anthony has contracted coronavirus…I don’t know.

Anthony Jokoinski has died. Creator of “Among the Animals”

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