"Warnings": Dominoes fall to Lily-Rose's attack

Manuel Audet’s (Frederick Miller Juvey) case will not be fully resolved in the season finale episode of “Cautions” on December 12.

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The man who sexually assaulted fellow teammate Lily-Rose (Myleine St-Sauveur) will be back in intrigue in January, but he will definitely be leaving the series this winter, as the young woman confides in Penelope (Catherine Berube) for the first time. ), which sounds like the beginning of the end for Manuel.

“The last episode of the season will revolve a lot around Lily-Rose’s aggression,” Julie Hivon, head writer of “Warnings,” confirmed in an interview with QMI Agency. On this occasion, he promised, the team members will be in Christmas mode in a “very emotional episode” and “the dominoes will fall”.

By creating this character at the beginning of the second season, Ms. Hiwon already knew that she was going to go after Lily-Rose. She wanted the former police officer from Chambly, created by the team, to be sympathetic and endearing so that we don’t see this dramatic twist coming.

Ms. Hiwon consulted a worker specializing in sexual assault at the Victims of Crime Assistance Center (CAVAC) to deal with the problem delicately. “Often, the attacks come from relatives whom the victims trust,” recalls the author, adding that Lily-Rose liked to rub shoulders with her attacker at work, which often happens in real life.

“We wanted to show the aggression so that some viewers were shocked, so that they were in Lily-Rose’s eyes. We wanted people to be with her, to feel the frustration, the fear and the suffering with her. In the police system, Lily-Rose, who wants to be seen as a strong woman, finds it even more difficult. She doesn’t want to be a victim.”

For the purposes of this detective fiction, Lily-Rose will recover more quickly than she actually does. “After every stage, when she sees people supporting her, she feels good,” said Julie Hiwon, who worked on episode 71 — which will air in late fall 2023 — when we spoke with her last Thursday.

Manuel, who doesn’t recognize her assailant during a drunken party, wants to “tell her she’s crazy and she’s imagining things.”

After taking a necessary break from investigations, the young policewoman is drafted by the anti-gang unit, and the investigations will see the two services collaborate in the third season. He’s just moved there and meets two characters, colorful new partner Cindy (Evelyn Gelinas) and boss Robert LaRouche (Hugues Frenette).

Stéphanie (Sophie Prégent) in particular has reason to believe that corrupt director Marc-André Bonanfant (Guy Jodoin) has “made children in the opposition gang”. Guy Jodoin also left the series by “mutual consent” after winning a Gemini last September for the role. We will never see him again because he will be taken into the care of the witness protection program.

Frédéric LaMontagne (Benoit McGinnis), with whom Stephanie “doesn’t have a lot of hooks”, will also become a regular on “Warnings”. Dominique’s (Charles-Alexandre Dubey) mother Marjoline Lacroix (Diane Lavallee) will join the cast next season, and new characters will be played by Philomene Bilodeau, Dominique Dagenais, Martin Descagnes, Julie Ménard, Julie Roussel and Bruno Verradoni. . Beginning in January, investigators must clarify an arson case.

“Warnings” has now grown to 26 episodes a year, a tall order for the writers, director and technical team. Since Julien Hurteau is on hiatus from filming this fall, the episodes we’ll see after the holidays have been replaced by Matheu Handfield, but he’ll be back on duty soon to film the fall block.

Produced by Pixcom, the “Alerts” series airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on TVA.

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