United States of America.  The 28-year-old fell into the sea and was swept out to sea for 15 hours.  He survived because he had a strong will to live.” “A miracle for Thanksgiving.” The 28-year-old drifts at sea for several hours | World news

The accident occurred on November 24. day Earlier, the guy and his sister were on a cruise ship in the Gulf of Mexico (in the western part of the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of North America). The woman got upset RealityThat her brother has not returned from the restroom for a long time.

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United States of America. The 28-year-old was drifting at sea. The fire saved him several hours later

The sister of the 28-year-old searched boat – without effect. Approximately. time. 14 Services reported her brother missing. Six hours after the report, officers located the missing person about 30 kilometers off the coast of Louisiana.

The helicopter crew immediately entered “the area..and rescued the man and took him to the medical services that were already waiting at the airport in. new Orleans, said the US Coast Guard (USCG).

One of the officers said: “He was able to give his name, and confirmed that it was he who fell into the sea.” CNN. He showed signs of hypothermia, shock and dehydration, but his condition is stable. It turned out that a 28-year-old man swam in the sea for about 15 hours.

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Miracle for Thanksgiving

Lieutenant Seth Gross of the Coast Guard United State The 28-year-old called the 28-year-old’s rescue “a miracle for Thanksgiving,” which Americans celebrate this year on Thursday, November 24. He admitted that in his 17 years of service he had never come across such a thing incident. In his view, the drifting man’s will to live was crucial.

on the other side BBC mentions a similar one issue. In 2018, a 46-year-old British woman was rescued from the Adriatic Sea after 10 hours at sea. She told rescuers that yoga stressed her out, and that singing helped her fight the nighttime cold.

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