Warning about the Israeli invasion of the Gaza Strip.  ‘Genocide on an unprecedented scale’

Members of the Arab League and the African Union warned that “the ground invasion of Gaza planned by Israel could lead to genocide on an unprecedented scale.” Agence France-Presse reported that more than a million people were displaced in the Gaza Strip over the past week.

The situation in the region is truly tragic. At least 2,670 Palestinians have been killed since the start of the intense bombardment on the Gaza Strip. The Ministry of Health also reported that there were 9,600 wounded. The bodies of the deceased are stored in trucks that were previously used to transport ice cream. There are not enough places in hospital morgues, and transportation to cemeteries is extremely dangerous.

The American President spoke with the President of the Palestinian Authority

US President Joe Biden spoke with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas about humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip. He told Abbas that he is working with partners in the region to ensure that humanitarian supplies reach civilians in Gaza. On Monday, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken is scheduled to visit Tel Aviv again. This was announced by the US State Department. In recent days, the American representative met with leaders of Arab countries in order to prevent the escalation of the conflict between Israel and the Palestinian Hamas movement to the entire Middle East region. According to State Department spokesman Matthew Miller, this will be the second visit within five days by the US Secretary of State to Israel, who “will return to Tel Aviv to conduct further consultations with Israeli officials.”

Blinken told reporters at Cairo Airport that the Rafah border crossing between the Gaza Strip and Egypt will be open to humanitarian aid. – Blinken said: – In cooperation with the United Nations, Egypt and Israel, we are developing a mechanism to obtain assistance and deliver it to people who need it. At the same time, he reported that the United States had appointed an envoy – former diplomat David Satterfield – to oversee aid to the Gaza Strip.

The United States and Israel have been practicing the kind of cooperation now visible in Israel for years, Jarosav Kochevsky, editor-in-chief of the portal new.org.pl and an expert at Stratpoints, said on Sunday. He wrote on the “X” website (formerly Twitter): “American warships, two aircraft carrier groups will ensure that no country attacks Israel. This is incredible power.”

On Saturday, a statement from Hamas appeared in which the terrorists thanked Vladimir Putin. “Hamas appreciates the position of Russian President Vladimir Putin regarding the ongoing Zionist aggression against our nation, and his non-acceptance of the siege of the Gaza Strip, suspension of humanitarian aid, and attacks on defenseless civilians. We also affirm that we “welcome Russia’s decision.” She wrote on Twitter: “Relentless efforts to stop the systematic and barbaric Zionist aggression against The Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip.

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There is a water shortage in the Gaza Strip. Residents are trying to confront the crisis [¬ród³o: Reuters]

The Israeli army: It is our duty to enter Gaza

The Chief of General Staff of the Israel Defense Forces stated that “It is our duty to enter Gaza, to go to the places where Hamas organizes, operates, plans and launches its plans. Strike everywhere, every commander, every agent and destroy the infrastructure,” Herzl Halevy said, quoted by Haaretz newspaper. : “In one word – win.” Halevy met with soldiers on Sunday near the border with the Gaza Strip.

You will do something great and important that will have to change the situation for a very long time and in an obvious way

– He said. In turn, army spokesman Daniel Hagari reported that Israeli army combat helicopters are currently attacking military infrastructure in Lebanon. At the same time, there were reports of IDF forces firing on the Lebanese border, to which IDF forces responded with fire.

Israel resumed water supplies to the Gaza Strip

US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, who learned of the matter from his Israeli counterparts, said on Sunday that Israel had restored water supplies to the Gaza Strip. Israel will soon also deliver food and medicine to the Gaza Strip. But Gaza will not get electricity and fuel, which – according to the US security adviser – are not subject to the same rules under the law of armed conflict.

More than a million people have been displaced since the beginning of the war between Israel and Hamas. On Friday, Israel called on Palestinians from the Gaza Strip to evacuate. On the other hand, Hamas calls on people to stay in their homes. The Israeli attack on the Gaza Strip, which was scheduled to begin over the weekend, has been postponed for a few days. The reason is weather conditions that make it difficult for the Air Force to cover ground operations.


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