Russia.  Clouds in the form of fighter planes appeared over Moscow.  People are worried

Russians who live in the country’s largest city have been flooding their social profiles lately Evening sky pictures above Moscow.

The city became the background for the wonderful scenes in which they played a major role fiery colors And the strange looking clouds. According to observers of these phenomena, Nature is supposed to warn people against imminent danger.

A view like from the end of the world Complete the massive spread over the city “Fighter” of the clouds. The dark formation caused anxiety among superstitious Muscovites who considered it as such sign “from above”.

According to the website, residents of the Russian capital, along with Internet users, began to create more and more strangeness Conspiracy theoryTrying to explain the weather anomaly. However, the reasons for this phenomenon are more realistic.

Meteorological portal editors reported that it is currently located over southern Russia strong high. It makes the air saturated smoke particles From burning farmland and plots of land.

Fine dust causes refraction of sunlightwhich acquire intense “hot” colors in the sky, reminiscent of fiery glow. However, the clouds visible in the photos may come from condensing linesthat are formed during take-off or landing of aircraft.

Under the right conditions, such as those prevailing in Moscow, these stripes last longer than usual and take on original and sometimes strange shapes or forms.

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