Polska w świetnym stylu pokonała Rosję w ćwierćfinale mistrzostw Europy (fot. PAP/Adam Warżawa)

It was Poland’s best match of the tournament. The Polish national team beat Russia 3-0 in great style (25:14, 26:24 and 25:19) and advanced to the semi-finals of the European Championship. The pass for the gold match will be for the red and white team to face the best of the pair of Czech Republic and Slovenia.

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The first group is a real game concert performed by Biało-Czerwonych. Bartosz Kurek started the match strong – he first made a great serve (4: 1), and then finished the attack from the first zone (5: 2).

The Russians could not keep up with the supportive Poles. As soon as Piotr Nowakowski entered the field, he immediately entered a block in his account (8:3). And when Wilfredo Leon successfully beat the Russian block (12:5), coach Thomas Samilvo asked for time.

But that did not help much, because the competitors had almost no element of the game. This was the case when, after sending Kurek, the ball returned to our side, and Leon made another point with a blitz (16:8).

Seta was finished off by the best Kurek on the field. And in a very effective way, flaunt a great tip (25:14).

At the other end, the Russians occupied each other. They quickly took the lead (0:2, 1:3). We made up for it for the first time a few minutes later, when Michai Kubik finished his attack only the fourth time (6:5). Then the point-by-point battle continued. Sammelvuo only asked for the time when Kubiak hit the fingers that were blocking the Russians (14:12).

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However, the Poles increased the difference to four points (19:15) and looked like they were going to finish the set quickly. But none of these things. Kliuka, who counterattacked in a short time (19:17), then crashed from the second zone (21:20), had a hard time. Set is determined only by fighting for favor (26:24). He was only one set away from the semi-finals of Piao Zervonch.

At the start of the third half, we played well again. The best proof of this is the aces of Couric (5:2), Leon (7:3), and Kochanowski (9:5). In addition, the Russians could not brilliantly cope with the striker Couric, who finished even very difficult balls. Just like when he broke the block after a bad reception on our side of the grid (12:9).

The Russians tried to keep up with the whites and the reds. In the second half of the third set, competitors strengthened the block, but the Poles also managed to cope with it, effectively defeating their rivals. This was the case after the beats of Couric (20:15) and Kubiak (21:16).


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