Vivo S10e with OLED and beautiful design for PLN 1500?  I take two

The Vivo S10e might be one of the most beautiful media on the market, and its MediaTek Dimensity 900 processor will keep me quiet about its performance. The price is supposed to be excellent.

The Vivo brand is positioned higher than Xiaomi and realme, so we should not expect competition-destroying prices from them. However, it must be said that the amount of 2500 yuan, ie 1500 PLN net, For the latest Vivo S10e it can be very attractive. premiere soon.

Will Vivo S10e be attractive or vice versa?

Vivo S10e will be equipped with Latest MediaTek Dimensity 900 معالج processor, which is a module made in the 6 nm process and offers Cortex-A78 and A55 cores. This SoC approaches the benchmarks of the Snapdragon 768G, and sometimes even surpasses it – plus it has an overclocked graphics system.

come in. Alive

Working with this arrangement will be fun, especially since there will be 8 GB of RAM. The manufacturer will allocate 128GB of solid space with the option of expansion for user data.

The battery capacity in this kit is only 4000 mAh, but we can explain this by the small size of the case. Vivo S10e weighs only 175 grams and is 7.59 mm thick. These are the sizes that we will appreciate after a few hours of holding the phone in our hands.

If the battery charge standard remains high, I will forgive its low capacity. In the other elements of the specifications, it is even better, because on the front there will be an OLED screen of 90 Hz (Full HD +), and on the back panel a slim island with a 64 MP camera.

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Thanks google! How many years have you waited to finally get rid of this infernal relay in the mobile version!


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