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Quakecon happened today as a real surprise, because For the Quake brand’s 25th anniversary, Bethesda has brought back cult game refreshments from 1996. Best of all, you can shoot today. Before you throw yourself into the rocket whirlwind, let’s take a look at what happens in the good old Shake.

Classic at a good price

42 zlotys – for this amount you appreciate the refreshed Bethesda earthquake For all platforms. The game will be released on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and, of course, on the Nintendo Switch. second after death The iconic shooter ID is primarily known for the fact that it was the first to display a fully 3D image. The dynamics of the game, forever, left in the annals of history not only a technological revolution, but also one of the milestones of the game.

However, this is not last year’s version death And second death, father In its new incarnation, id Software offers much more than the original. As mentioned by the site the edge4K resolution, widescreen support, dynamic lighting and anti-aliasing. All this so that players can happily take down the next hordes of Strogs.

I have to admit that even an old Quake can take blush after a minor facelift (Source: The Verge)

Quake = Bethesda = Xbox Game Pass

Currently, the entire id software game rights are owned by Bethesda. This in turn – as we all know – belongs to Xbox Game Studios, which means that He said the update is going to sign up today game arcade On Microsoft computers and devices. If that wasn’t enough, the other two opinions – second earthquake And Kwik III ArenaIt will also come in subscription today, but only on PCs. A piece of the classics to a song!

For me, this is a great opportunity to form the first part of the sect saga. I spent most of the time with v2 on PS One, and my first lan-party memories are just that Arena. At the earliest X-Box I will make the game available for download on PC, I can download it without a doubt. And I better advise you too, because It is a true story of electronic entertainment.

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