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Jordan Chain a The American in the eye of the storm has posted a video in which he forces his son to cry in front of the cameras, which went viral on social media and sparked a debate among internet users about the worst thing a mother has ever done in her entire online life.

We were heartbroken“The title the woman gave to the post would inform her followers about the hospitalization of a family dog ​​diagnosed with parvovirus disease.

At first it seemed like the other video, but near this end Sai told his son to cry for the camera lens. “Act as if you were crying”, He told the boy, he replied: “But I’m crying mom”.

Security of YouTube

After the controversy, YouTube, which had amassed more than 537,000 subscribers, deleted its channel and used its other social networks to protect itself from attacks by Internet users.

“At the end of the video, I was so emotional … I put my son on my shoulder and said, ‘It was like posing for a picture with me.’, He agreed. “I shouldn’t have done it.”

“I want the vet to have shown us crying and affected everything that happened. But if he did, we already know what people would say. Why are you filming your son crying? Why are you filming the emotional moment?”Added.

Through his Instagram account, he said he was his son “Absolutely good”, But she is herself “Shocked for allowing me to reach that position.”

“I was really horrified and disgusted to come to the place where I posed for a thumbnail photo with my son at an emotional time, rather than prioritizing the health of my mind.”, He said. “I’m scared, I’m unspeakably disappointed in myself. It’s not right, it’s wrong on many levels. He will no longer be in my content. I will fully reconsider what to do for the future.”.

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