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Find a detailed synopsis of season 3 here with episode 586 airing on Wednesday, January 25, 2023 with Vic willing to do anything to find Theo.

ITC Soap Opera Complete Recap of 01/25/2023 Episode, Spoilers and All in Preview Carelessness starts here.

Clotilde arrives to help Theo

A complete summary can be found hereHere it all begins in episode 586 Aired on TF1 on Wednesday, January 25, 2023 (Preview the Briefs Here it all starts )
A recap of the previous chapter Here everything starts from 01/24/2023 is online.

Constance says she trusts Theo, she’s sure he has every chance for the last pastry test.
Theo admits to Vic and Kelly that he doesn’t stand a chance against his father.

Lucas visits Billy at the Institute after she doesn’t answer his calls and texts. Lucas tells Billy that he can’t imagine his life without her. Samya comes… She advises him to leave.

Vic is where it all starts

Victorine wants to act on behalf of Clotilde’s circle

Leticia confirms to Lionel and Elliott that there is a masterclass scheduled for next week at the Institute. Miriel struggled to get her to come.

Kelly and Elliot think the solution is to get Landiras out of the Institute… and take advantage of the fact that Zachary / Letitia are flirting!

Consistency is where it all starts

Constance regains faith in her son Theo

Louis presents his course to 1st year. Billie isn’t paying attention, she feels weak compared to Lucas. She didn’t say she didn’t want to see him again. Samya thinks that a boy who behaved like that to her…we are leaving him for life. Samia is going to help her best friend Billy

Hortense thinks she is 1000 times more in love with Mehdi than before.
Vic admits to Hortense that Theo still hasn’t forgiven him.

Lionel ITC

Lionel is horrified by Chef Watton’s death

Vic comes to see Clotilde about Theo and she tells him that she is very worried about the championship. Vic asks Clotilde if she can help restore Theo’s confidence… since she’s part of the circle. Vic threatens Clotilde: she has to show her solidarity with Theo… or Tessier will find out. Clotilde warns her that she is playing a dangerous game.

Bill gets an SMS from Lucas and she is lying to Samia…saying she is her cousin from America.

Clotilde tells Theo that Vic told her of his defeat… and tells Theo that the circle is made. Theo promises not to say anything.

Kelly announces to Letitia that she won’t be leaving with Lionel because they have a masterclass they don’t want to miss. Kelly suggests that she leave her mother with Zachary during her week in Barcelona. But Zachary wants to see Chef Watton.

Theo thinks his father is an absolute master of pastry. Clotilde thinks Theo is better than she thinks. Theo doesn’t want to be favored and so prefers to continue training alone.

Samia Everything starts here

Samia feels that Billy Lucas should not be given another chance

Theo makes a point with Vic: she admits to blackmailing Clotilde into being the co-creator of the Circle. Vic explains that all that matters is that Theo wins. Vic tells Theo that she loves him and would do anything for him. Theo replies that she doesn’t like him.

Here it all starts early January 25, 2023 Episode 586: Theo Doesn’t Feel His Father

Billie joins Lucas at a bar to tell him to his face that they never want to see each other again. Lucas tells Billy that he broke up with Virginia. Lucas tells Billy he wants to make her happy.

Laetitia It all starts here

Laetitia tries to convince Zachary to leave for Barcelona

Constance says Emmanuel knows Theo can beat him, but he’s too proud to admit it. A determined Theo tells Constance that tomorrow he will win the championship and that he will beat his father.

All the highlights here are from January 25, 2023: Things to remember

Theo It all starts here

Theo doesn’t want to be favored by Clotilde

– Vic tries to pressure Clotilde to help Theo
– Billy looks at Lucas slyly
– Kelly tries to keep Zachary away from the company with Latitia
– Constance encourages Theo to believe in himself
– Louise was again a 1st year teacher
– Chef Vaden arrives to do his masterclass and Lionel freaks out

will continue Synopsis Here it all begins episode 587 From Thursday, January 26, 2023. Don’t miss out The history of credits begins here With all the characters.

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