USA: The Webb Telescope took the first picture of the star and a "selfie"

The mosaic image helped the Webb Ground Telescope team determine the so-called NIRCam and showed that NIRCam can collect light from celestial bodies. National Aeronautics and Space Agency.

“The goal was to determine the light from the same star (in this case HD 84406 in the constellation Ursa Major) through each of the 18 segments of the telescope’s main mirror,” he explains on the Fox News website, adding that “all parts of the mirror reflect light from the star.” For Webb’s Secondary Mirror and NIRCam Detectors”.

The authors of the project chose the bright star HD 84406 from the polar constellation of the northern sky, i.e. Ursa Major. The telescope was set up to generate 1,560 images from 10 NIRCam detectors in about 25 hours.

– Collecting such a large amount of data on the first day requires that all data acquisition and processing systems here on Earth work without problems (…). And at the start of the search, we found light from all 18 clips, explained Marshall Perrin, a space telescope expert at the Space Telescope Science Institute (STSI), citing Fox News.

scientists z NASA He confirmed that images from the Webb telescope are getting clearer. She said, “It is expected that it will become clearer and capture more detail when all telescopes reach extremely cold temperatures (about -225 to minus 266 degrees Celsius) and begin collecting data. The first sharp images are expected to be useful to science in summer”. Fox News Station.

web telescope It is the fruit of nearly three decades of scientists’ work and $10 billion in investments from NASA. European Space Agency and Canadian Space Agency. The instrument is a more advanced and powerful successor to the Hubble Space Telescope.

Astronomers hope that thanks to the new telescope and its ability to observe infrared radiation, it will be possible, among other things, to study the atmosphere of planets outside Solar System For traces of life, the first stars and galaxies were formed about 100 million years after the Big Bang.

The telescope was launched on December 25, 2021 from the Space Center in French Guiana using an Ariane 5 rocket. It is the largest and most expensive telescope ($10 billion) sent into space. The diameter of the mirror is 6.5 meters, and the range of its observation is infrared.

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