Is the PS5 being intentionally sold with a defect?  Players are suing Sony

Sony just released a new firmware update for PS5. Currently, all console users will check out the 1440p resolution, but that’s just an introduction to the amenities offered by the manufacturer. The files landed on the servers.

After a quick test of the new products, Sony announced the release of a new system update for the PlayStation 5. The main aspect of the 1.086 GB firmware is undoubtedly the ability to play at 1440p resolution, although the Japanese mentioned some other changes. In a PlayStation blog post, Hideaki Nishino, Senior Vice President, Platform Experience, shared the details.

Search YouTube using voice commands

As part of a recent update, the company introduced the ability to search YouTube content using voice commands. Unfortunately, voice commands will now be available in English for PS5 players with accounts registered in the US and UK.

New PS App Features

Starting a PS Remote Play session via the PS app – Using the app it will be possible to play PS Remote Play on iOS and Android devices.

Screen sharing request – Players can ask a friend to share their screen via the app.

Changes to the app will be introduced later this month, and the manufacturer reminds you of the need to have the appropriate software in place.

This is what the previously announced updates look like:

PS5 with 1440p gaming support

The Japanese reported that the beta version will introduce support for HDMI 1440p video output – games can be automatically rendered to 1440p, while high-resolution titles (4K for example) will benefit from improved anti-aliasing via ultra-low downsampling to 1440p.


In the game library, we will be able to create “lists” that look like typical folders – thanks to them, we will easily and quickly organize our production batch. We can keep a maximum of 100 titles in one place and create 15 lists.

PS5 News - Folders

Compare 3D sound and stereo sound

The new PS5 option will allow you to listen to and compare the differences between 3D audio and stereo audio on the same screen and then select your preferred setting.

PS5 News - Audio

Easier access to started activities

Players will be able to seamlessly transition into the game and start where they left off – the company will provide the option to “Resume Activity”.

PS5 news - back to the game

Request to turn on the sharing screen

Among the social features, there will be an option to send a request to the group members to start sharing the gameplay screen.


Join the game notification

When you join an event in which one of its participants plays a specific production that you can join, you will now receive a notification.


Send stickers and voice messages on Game Base

In the game card we will be able to send stickers and voice messages to our groups.


View profiles of new friends

After accepting a friend request in the (Received) list, you can now view the new friend’s profile in the Accepted Requests section.

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