Jolanta Gontarczyk aka Lang.  Who poisoned Father Blachniki?

It is already known that he was killed. It is also known how. It is not yet known who the perpetrators are. Investigative magazine “Anita Gargas” presents the story of the mysterious death of Father Franciszek Blachnicki – founder of the “Light-Life” movement. According to the latest findings from the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Institute for National Remembrance, the priest was poisoned on February 27, 1987 in Carlsberg, Germany. Was the murder committed by the Gontarczyk couple?

May be related to patricide. Blashniki. Jolanta Lang is elusive

Former Gontarczyk Jolanta Lange has been out of reach since Thursday. He is suspected of having links with the patricide. Franciszek Blasnicki, former agent …

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red. Anita Gargas in the final episode of her “Investigative Journal” I tried to find an answer to the question: who are really Jolanta Gontarczyk aka Lange (TW Panna) and her husband Andrzej (TW Yon), with whom Father Blachnicki quarreled on the day of his death?

Were communist agents sent after you to Germany in connection with this murder? We asked this question 3 years ago. Just like the question: How did Jolanta Gontarczyk Vel Lange, from a communist intelligence agent, become an LGBT activist, with the Warsaw Ratusz Association paying millions out of taxpayers’ pockets, editor Gargas wondered.

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According to historians, journalists, and anti-socialist activists, Gontarczyks has been cooperating with the Security Service since the 1970s. Their task was to first train the Germans in Poland, and then they were sent to West Germany to penetrate and disorganize Polish society, for example. financially.


who killed the father. Blashniki? Special services expert in Operation Yoon.

The investigation conducted by the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Institute of Remembrance shows that Fr. Franciszek Blachniki, founder of the Light Life movement, was assassinated in 1987 …

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In Carlsberg, where the Gontarquise family ended up The circle of opposition, centered around Fr. Franciszek Blachniki. They were supposed to paralyze the priest’s Christian service to the “liberation” organization.

The agents did a great job as stated in the video, Fr. Blachnicki – “The Gontarczyks completely destroyed the printing house” – the priest was saying the day before his death. On February 27, 1987 he passed away. Years later, he was found to have been poisoned.

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When the film’s authors were present, the Gontarczyk family returned to the People’s Republic of Poland. SB bosses generously rewarded their clients. They received an apartment of 150 square meters in the center of Warsaw, a thousand dollars for its renovation and $10,000. German brands as compensation for “lost property” in Germany.

Together with her husband, she supervised Fr. Blashniki. The Warsaw City Hall generously supports its association

Until 2024, the Metropolitan Municipality will financially support the Multicultural Center in Warsaw, one of the co-hosts is the Pro…

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What is the further occupation of Jolanta Gontarczyk in the Third Republic of Poland? The former SB agent became involved with the left. She belonged to the SLD, teamed up with Danuta Waniek, and became a county councilor and deputy marshal. Mazoiki. In 2004, she worked in the Ministry of the Interior and Administration, where she dealt with the fight against corruption. She was awarded the Silver Cross of Merit by President Aleksander Kwasniewski.

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– Why, despite the intense cooperation with the SB after 1989, the political career of Jolanta Gontarczek was gaining momentum, and the activities of her association were supported by the Warsaw City Council from the pockets of taxpayers for years? – These questions have been specifically answered by the Gargas editor, eg quoting amounts by the president Rafael Trzaskowski supports the left-wing organization “Pro Humanum”Chaired by Jolanta Lang. In 2020 alone, the city council donated more than PLN 1.2 million to the association. The sum of all subsidies hovers around PLN 3 million.

Jolanta Lange aka Gontarczyk She was supposed to call Editor Gargas and answer questions journalists. She didn’t call.

Anita Gargas’ investigative journal can be found at

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