US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has warned the Taliban of the consequences of banning women from working in NGOs

The Taliban that rules Afghanistan has banned women from working in non-governmental organizations that provide humanitarian aid to the country’s population. This is another recent Taliban decision that undermines women’s rights and freedoms. On Saturday, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken warned the Taliban of the consequences of this decision.

“I am deeply concerned about the Taliban’s ban on women working to distribute vital humanitarian aid to millions of people in the country Afghanistan“This decision could have dire consequences for the Afghan people,” Blinken wrote on Twitter.

NGOs without women

On Saturday, the Taliban ordered local and foreign NGOs to stop working women until further notice.

The order was issued by the Ministry of Economy. There have been threats to revoke the licenses of non-compliant entities to operate in Afghanistan. The decision was justified because NGO staff did not abide by the women’s dress code introduced by the Taliban in Afghanistan.

The Taliban prohibits women from working in NGOsPAP / EPA / STRINGER

Reuters notes that it is not known if the ban also applies to agencies United nationsthat operate in this country. Nor is it clear whether the ban applies only to Afghan nationals or also to foreign employees of organizations operating in that country.

Main image source: PAP / EPA / STRINGER

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