Aktualizacja. Grupa ratownictwa chemicznego jedzie do Zaręby

Today in a shed someone made a mess. It is not yet known how and where, but one of the oil derivatives leaked into the Siekierka stream flowing through the city and polluted the water.

At about 7:30 p.m., the service, Peter Kreit, a member of the Sekerechen municipality, reported that the stream had been contaminated with petroleum derivatives after receiving a signal from a concerned resident of Zaroba.

The entire width of the ax was covered with a thin layer of an oil-derived film. To stop him, firefighters reached the top of the Mujahideen. Stawowa in Zoruba, they built a dam out of pressed straw cubes.

A second percolation dam is prepared to be erected at Lebach at the height of the fire station. In the meantime, a chemical rescue group from Legnica has been assigned to Zaręba, which has the appropriate equipment to decontaminate the water.

Currently, the firefighters are taking steps to prevent the penetration of petroleum products into Quesa. The police in Lubań will now deal with determining the source of the contamination.


The specialized chemical and environmental rescue group from Legnica, which was heading to Zaroba yesterday, did not reach the site. While driving on the A4 motorway, rescuers got stuck in a traffic jam caused by an accident on the motorway’s northern lane.

We’ve been in contact with the flu leader the whole time. It turns out that we consulted everything with them over the phone and dealt with it the same way they would help us. Fortunately, these were not large amounts. It appears that it was a low-concentration substance, especially environmentally friendly. – says the brigadier general. MA Janusz Gabrić, Deputy District Commander of the Lubach State Fire Service.

Placing filters made of pressed straw cubes over the stream was sufficient to remove the substance from the water.

Firefighters estimated that about 200 liters of petroleum was poured into Siekierka – Looks like someone mixed the oil with some water and wanted to get rid of it. – we heard.


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