Austria.  An invaluable find during renovation.  “An antique feel”

Scientists from the Austrian Archaeological Institute are examining mammoth remains discovered in a wine cellar

The discovery of a wine cellar owner in the Austrian town of Gobelsburg was an ‘archaeological sensation’. During the renovation, Andreas Bernstorfer discovered mammoth bones from tens of thousands of years old underground. Researchers from the Austrian Academy of Sciences evaluated it as the most valuable discovery in more than a century.

Gobelsburg It is famous for its wine growing and is located about 80 km away Vienna In Lower Austria. Now the city has become famous Archaeological discovery.

It announced the March discovery on Wednesday Austrian Academy of Sciences. “While renovating his wine cellar, Andreas Bernerstorfer discovered a treasure: he found huge bones that turned out to be colossal bones from the Stone Age,” we read in the statement.

Austria. Mammoth bones discovered 40 thousand years ago. Years

According to researchers from Austrian Archaeological InstituteStone artifacts and charcoal have been found under the basement ever since 30 thousand up to 40 thousand years. At least the bones are supposed to belong Three different mammoths.

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“Such a dense layer of mammoth bones is rare,” said Hannah Barrow Suchon, who heads the excavations. A similar discovery was made in Austria for the last time For more than 150 years.

It is possible that the find was a burial place

The bones found in the Gobelsburg basement raised a series of questions for scientists. The biggest mystery is how people came to be in the Stone Age Will you be able to hunt these huge animals?

– We know that people hunted mammoths, but we know little about how they did it – said the researcher.

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According to Austrian scientists, the place where the bones were found could be the place where these animals died. They assume that “people could have led them there and set a trap for them.”

When archaeologists leave the now-famous Goebbelsburg crypt, the bones found there will go to… Natural History Museum in Vienna.

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