United States of America.  The border was opened after 20 months.  vaccinated travelers

The entry into force of the new rules means you will be able to travel to the US again for the first time since March 2020, when borders were practically closed to most arrivals from more than 40 countries, including the European Union.

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Under the new rules, tourists will be able to visit America if they have been vaccinated and tested negative for Covid-19, 3 days before departure at the earliest. The only recognized vaccines are those approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson) and listed by the World Health Organization (AstraZeneca, Kovishield, Sinopharma, Sinovac). These rules will not apply to minors and citizens of countries where the vaccination rate is less than 10%. due to a shortage of vaccines. Non-vaccinated people will have to submit a negative test result the day before departure at the latest.

Reopening borders means more traffic at airports. United Airlines said it expected to handle half as many international passengers on Monday compared to last week.

Delta President Ed Bastian warned that travelers should be prepared for long lines at check-in.

“It will definitely be a mess at first,” Bastian was quoted as saying by Reuters. “I can assure you there will be queues.” The airlines said that since the announcement at the end of September of the decision to open the borders, the number of tickets booked for foreign customers has increased by 450%.

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