United States of America.  Missing Anna Walsh.  Bloody knife found, husband accused of misrepresentation

Anna Walsh, 39, wanted by the Massachusetts State Police for a week. The woman’s husband, Brian Walsh, says the last time he saw her was when she left the airport for Washington. However, on Monday, a bloodied knife was found in the couple’s home and the missing woman’s husband was accused of deliberately misleading the police. Investigators said that “various testimonies delayed the investigation so much that it had time to get rid of the evidence.”

Anna Walsh, 39, of Cohasset, Massachusetts, was reported missing by her employer on January 4 after she failed to show up for work. Her husband, Brian Walsh, 47, told police he last saw his wife in early January when she got into a taxi and headed to the airport to fly to Washington for work. The man also testified that on January 1 he was with their three children at a local restaurant, where he bought them ice cream.

missing woman

Since January 4, police have searched the area around the couple’s home in Cohasset, a town about 30 kilometers from Boston. Meanwhile, on Monday, prosecutors Lynn Beland said investigators have determined Anna Walsh was not driving a taxi or traveling by plane. Based on the surveillance recordings, it was also found that the 47-year-old was not in the indicated restaurant. Instead, it turns out he went to a hardware store and bought $450 worth of cleaning supplies.

In this case, investigators questioned Brian Walsh’s testimony about his actions and movements. “These various testimonies delayed the investigation to the point where he had time to get rid of the evidence,” she said. Brian Walsh was charged Monday with allegedly misleading investigators looking for Anna Walsh.

Soon after, the police found a bloody knife in the basement of the couple’s home. The detective also discovered that the missing woman’s husband was searching on the Internet for answers to the question “how to dispose of a 50-kilogram corpse of a woman” and “how to dismember a corpse,” Reuters reported, quoting two sources familiar with the investigation. .

Brian Walsh has been charged ENEX

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Brian Walsh in custody

Brian Walsh’s lawyer said her employer reported her missing because it was her husband who called the company to inquire about her whereabouts. She indicated that he was interrogated several times and agreed to search his property. “He was very helpful,” she said.

The man was arrested, and the judge posted $500,000 bail. Brian Walsh pleads not guilty.

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