United States of America.  German shepherd climbing a tree.  It is suspended at a height of 8 metres

When Luna, a 10-month-old dog, disappeared from the eyes of her owners, no one expected that they would search for her not on the ground, but on the roof. A family friend discovered a German Shepherd dog in a tree at exactly eight meters high.

The story of a German shepherd who climbed a tree while chasing a squirrel was described by CNN. As reported, Luna, a 10-month-old dog owned by a California couple, recently disappeared from her owners’ sight. Their search for the animal was unsuccessful. It was their friend who discovered the dog.

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German shepherd climbing a tree

-I was driving my car when I looked to the left and noticed something in the tree. “Oh my God, it’s a dog, a dog in a tree,” she thought, said a friend of Luna’s owners who invited them to the scene. The female dog was stuck about eight meters above the ground.

German shepherd on the tree All rights reserved to Cable News Network 2023

To lower the sheepdog from the tree, it was necessary to use a special extendable ladder. “You had to reach out to Luna, hug her and carry her downstairs,” Luna’s owner explained to CNN. He added: – When he disappears somewhere again, we will look for him because we already know that this dog can climb trees. Nothing happened to the dog, and she is in good health now.

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Luna bitchCNN

Main image source: All rights reserved to Cable News Network 2023

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