January 30, 2023


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The crisis on the Polish-Belarusian border.  Merkel invited Putin

The crisis on the Polish-Belarusian border. Merkel invited Putin

In a telephone conversation with Putin, the German chancellor stressed that “the exploitation of migrants by the Belarusian regime against the European Union is inhuman and unacceptable,” German government spokesman Stephen Seibert said on Wednesday. Merkel asked Putin to “influence the Minsk regime.”

Thousands of migrants from the Middle East are stuck in the border area between Belarus and Poland. Observers fear an escalation of the situation. Aid organizations sounded the alarm, citing poor humanitarian conditions and low temperatures.

The European Union has accused Belarus Governor Alexander Lukashenka of deliberately smuggling migrants from the Middle East to EU countries – Poland, Lithuania and Latvia – in response to Brussels’ decisions to impose sanctions. The Polish government accuses Russia of being behind the refugee conflict between Belarus and the European Union.

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Morawiecki: This is the first stand of its kind in 30 years

Tuesday In Sim Mateusz Moravecci evaluated it Russian imperial politics is advancing, and the next steps of the Moscow authorities are spreading over time. According to the head of the Polish government, Alexander Lukashenko is just a performer of the tasks assigned by Russian President Vladimir Putin to rebuild Russia’s position.

The Prime Minister stressed that the security of the eastern border is being violated “in a very brutal manner.” The Prime Minister said – This is the first situation of its kind in 30 years when we can say that the security and integrity of our borders are under severe attack and brutally tested.

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