United States of America.  Almost five meters of snow was recorded in the Lake Tahoe area

As of Monday, the total rainfall near the nearby UC Berkeley Central Sierra Snow Lab this month The record was broken by nearly 492 cm of snow. The previous record dates back to 1970 and was 456.4 cm.

Only in the last 24 hours Snow fell about 99 cm there. According to the rainfall forecast December may exceed a total of 508 cm.

According to an American newspaper, the laboratory was built in 1946 by the Office of Water Resources (USWB) and the Army’s Engineering Authority. It holds one of the world’s longest manual snow depth records, dating back to 1879.

— said Dan McEvoy, a climate scientist at the Western Regional Climate Center.

In McEvoy’s opinion, December The rain created snow cover. The older ones were wetter, the snow was at a higher altitude, but then the temperature and the amount of snow decreased.

“This is good for both water and avalanches,” McEvoy explained. This will also help maintain good snow conditions at the ski resorts, even in the event of a drought in the area, he added.

“she was Impressive December“- McEvoy was judged, but warned that drought may re-emerge.”

In mid-October, the Los Angeles Times warned that Lake Tahoe’s water level is too low to feed the only Truckee River that flows from it, threatening salmon migrations as well as tourism.

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