Russia still has what the United States needs.  Biden has made a crucial decision

As US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said in a statement, the bill signed by Biden assumes “A historic series of measures that will enhance energy and economic security “By reducing – and ultimately eliminating – our dependence on Russia for civilian nuclear energy.” The bill was approved unanimously in the Senate and by acclamation in the House of Representatives.

There will be a ban on Russian uranium

The law assumes Gradually reducing the amount of uranium imported from Russia – From 476 tons this year – for the next four years, and from 2028 imposes a complete ban on Russian nuclear fuel. As the bill’s author, Republican Senator Tom Barrasso, announced, It is expected that this restriction will deprive the Russian budget of one billion dollars this year. So far, 24 percent of US nuclear power plants are powered by uranium from Russia.

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At the request of the White House, Congress allocated $2.7 billion to develop uranium enrichment infrastructure, in accordance with a December agreement between the United States, Japan, France, Great Britain and Canada to increase domestic processing capacity. This aims to make nuclear energy independent of Russian uranium. Russia has about half the world’s uranium enrichment capacity.

As we wrote on, only in Eastern and Central Europe– Russia has designed up to 18 nuclear power plants, It is based on its technologies and uses enriched uranium provided by Rosatom.

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