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Damage to the ship has not been determined. The only guarantee was that there was no danger of it sinking and that there was no damage to the nuclear propulsion system. after, after incident She surfaced and began to surface walk to the nearest US submarine base based in Guam. He is about to approach it or has already entered it.

The accident occurred on October 2, but at the request of the fleet, the media did not report it until the ship was safely close to the base.

Little information available

US Navy ads on Title The accident was very accidental, but it cannot be ruled out that it was serious. The collision with an object occurred while it was sinking in the South China Sea. It is a large body of water located between China, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam. Beijing usurps the right to control it almost completely. This causes a sharp conflict with all the other mentioned countries, as well as the USA. This is one of the most inflamed regions in Asia, where the Chinese and American fleets regularly show their strength.

Collision of submarines with other objects is rare, but not uncommon. There are two options. It could be an unidentified submerged mountain or some other submarine. The Navy Times, citing an anonymous informant in the fleet, reported that at the time of the collision “the topography of the area did not indicate that there should be a mountain in front of the bow of the ship.” Meanwhile, “there is no indication that there was a collision with another ship and the event was hostile.” These veiled motions indicate a higher probability of a bottom collision.

In the Australian submarine scandal, ships are secondary

It’s not something that is out of the question. We previously described these types of accidents involving submarines. In 2005, the nuclear submarine USS San Francisco crashed into an uncharted underwater mountain while traveling at full speed (probably around 30 knots, or 55. How many/h) at a depth of 160 subway. The ship was badly damaged and was on the verge of sinking. A sailor was killed and most of the crew were wounded, nearly a hundred people. In the past, submarines have also collided with units from other countries several times. However, the damage was usually less, because it was caused by maneuvers at low speeds.

Introduction to the destroyer USS San FranciscoIntroduction to the destroyer USS San Francisco Foot. American Navy

More details about the USS Connecticut incident will be announced over time, including the extent of the damage. This is even more important because it is one of three Seawolf ships, which are described as the most technically advanced in the world. Designed and built in the 1980s and 1990s, a much longer series was planned, but by the end of the Cold War, money had been drawn on expensive ships costing five billion dollars each (at today’s prices). Instead, somewhat simpler and cheaper Virginia units were developed and started to be built (the unit price is now approaching three billion dollars in the option with the richest equipment). Seawolf-type units are designed for the most important and delicate tasks. Pulling out even once in time to fix it is a huge problem for Americans.

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